About Us

Many people ask how we got started in the business. So here's our story: It all began in the kitchen as a home-school experiment. After researching the art and science of soap making we quickly had soap curing all over the house. Once our formulas were developed, we began sharing our products with family and friends, who in turn shared them with their family and friends. Needless to say, it was a big success. After several years of perfecting and fine tuning, Naked Lady Natural Soap became a reality.

Why HandcrafteD?

Naked Lady uses a centuries-old method of manufacturing. This method is much gentler on the skin than commercially prepared soaps. When you try our soaps, you will notice a wonderful, silky feel to your skin. What you are sensing is our all-natural, plant-based ingredients. Here at Naked Lady, we combine the best of the past with the best of the present... offering you a bit of luxury in your everyday life.  

How Is it Made?

Our manufacturing process is done in a large pot in the kitchen using recipes that have been formulated for you. Unlike what your Grandmother use to make, we weigh and precisely measure all of our ingredients. And thanks to modern science, our handcrafted soaps are some of the finest available today. Best of all, our soaps are made from "scratch," no melt and pour and no shortcuts.

What's In Naked Lady?

What makes our soaps so special? They're made with one-hundred percent plant based oils. That means no chemical names you can't pronounce. Not only are our soaps pure and natural, they're also earth friendly. The soaps offered at Naked Lady Natural Soap represent the highest quality available on the market today.... promoting a healthy you, with healthy skin.